• Amanda Abram

Author's First Website!

The other day, I did the unthinkable: I purchased myself a website. Now, normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal. Most authors, even self-published authors like me, have a website. I've always wanted a website. I've always wanted to see my name with a ".com" after it. I've always felt like that would somehow mean I've made something of myself, you know? But there was always one thing holding me back: I'm cheap.

Well, okay, maybe there were two things holding me back: I'm cheap and LAZY. And I know nothing about web design. And I didn't even know what I wanted my website to look like. Anyway, like I was saying, there were always four things holding me back from getting my own website. I didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for a professional to do it for me because, seriously, it's not like I'm J.K. Rowling or anything. I do not have the funds to pay for that, nor the popularity to warrant that kind of investment. So, it was up to me, myself, and I to do it on my own. And after deciding which website builder to use (remember? I know nothing about web design, so I needed a website builder to hold my hand throughout the process), I shelled out a fraction of what it would have cost to hire a professional and NOW I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE.

It's a simple website. Not much to it. But it's mine. All mine. You, of course, can visit it anytime you'd like, although I'm not sure why you would. There is literally nothing to do here. Except read my blog, where every entry will probably be like this one: totally pointless and lacking any real substance. But hey - it's something, right? And I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE NOW. It's MY NAME with a DOT COM after it. It's a dream come true. A real Cinderella story, if you may. And yes, I'm poorer now for it, but I feel pretty darn special right now, and let's face it: that's priceless.

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